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Our Dallas law offices are directly off the DART rail Lover's Lane Station.
Our Dallas law offices are directly off the DART Lover's Lane Rail Station
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Divorce Laws in Texas

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Divorcing your spouse is a major life-changing decision. Many issues and questions arise throughout the entire process. Since everyone's situation is different this text will briefly touch on a few of the major points involved in divorce, but is not intended to provide you with legal advice.

First, The State of Texas has residency requirements and a waiting period.

Texas law requires that you lived in state for 6 months and in the county for 90 days in order to file for divorce in that county. In addition, Texas law requires that a divorce be on file for 60 days as a minimum waiting period before the court may grant the divorce.

Second, Texas is a "No-Fault" State.

A "No-Fault" divorce allows you to focus on how to dissolve your marriage instead of dwelling on why you feel the divorce is necessary. However, there may be circumstances in which bad behavior can affect how property is divided. In this situation, it is critical that you be candid with your lawyer.

Third, getting a divorce can be a very emotional experience.

Your emotions can be very distracting, so attempt to maintain your objectivity. Although this can be difficult, objectivity will facilitate a smoother transition throughout the divorce process. There will be many issues to be dealt with such as custody of the children, visitation schedules, and property division. Most people find these situations to be very stressful and react with emotion. Look to your lawyer to help you maintain your objectivity.

Fourth, if you have children, they will feel the stress more than you.

Maintaining your objectivity will help your children through this very emotional and stressful period in their lives. They too will have to live with your decisions. They will be the ones who will see their parents split and they will be the ones who have to travel back and forth to see each of their parents. Although divorce may solve your current problems, divorce will create an unfamiliar environment in which everyone involved will have a difficult adjustment.

Fifth, if you and your spouse cannot agree on the issues involved in a divorce, the court will decide them for you.

The court will decide how the community property will be divided, who will pay which debts, and in some cases, which person will have possession of certain propery, such as the house. The court will also decide who gets custody of the child or children, who pays child support and how much, the visitation schedule, and who pays for the children's health insurance. However, agreements between spouses are highly encouraged by the court and help smooth the divorce process.

Remember, divorce is a major life-changing event. If you would like me to answer any questions and explore how divorce would affect you personally, please email me or contact my office at 214-373-9292 for an appointment. I look forward to helping you.

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